Four Tips For Having A Piece Of Gold Plated Jewelry Engraved


If you want to give someone a gift they are sure to love, consider having a piece of jewelry customized for them. You can have a piece of gold plated jewelry engraved with something that will be of importance to the person that you plan to give it to. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having a piece of gold plated jewelry engraved. Take the Jewelry to a Professional

9 November 2016

3 Tests You Can Use to Tell Whether the Turquoise You Bought at the County Fair Is Real or Made Out of Howlite


County fairs are a good place to go have fun and buy jewelry at one of the little stands scattered around the fairground. However, you do have to be careful when buying turquoise jewelry, as some of it can be may actually be made out of howlite. Howlite is a white porous borate mineral that is commonly used to mimic other types of minerals—including turquoise. Howlite can be dyed to look like turquoise, so you may not know whether you're buying natural turquoise or an imposter mineral.

13 October 2016

4 Tips to Prevent Body Chains from Snagging on Your Clothing


If you have been wearing body chains this summer, then you may have experienced a few unfortunate snags. Occasionally, body chains can catch on your clothing or other people's clothing and create an embarrassing snag. Below are some tips to prevent such snags and keep your jewelry flowing freely.  Choose High-Quality Chains  Lower-quality chains may be made from open loops or from closed loops that have rough edges. This makes the jewelry much more likely to catch on clothing it comes into contact with.

15 September 2016

A Collateral Loan Can Help You Solve Your Financial Woes


Life is full of unexpected turns. For many, these turns mean sudden financial disasters. When faced with these types of situations, having a little financial assistance can really help. This assistance can come in the form of a collateral loan. What Is A Collateral Loan? Collateral is basically a pledge of security. This pledge of security, or collateral, can come in the form of any asset that is considered valuable. Property, collectibles and jewelry are just some of the items frequently used.

15 August 2016

Additions That Give Your Chain Maille Jewelry That Extra Edge


If you have recently started wearing chain maille jewelry, and especially if you like to put pieces together yourself, you've likely come across multicolored jump rings that make the pieces look grander or more intricate. Adding more details to chain maille can really make a piece pop, but jump rings aren't the only materials you should look for. If you really want to start color coordinating your chain maille jewelry with your outfits, look for items containing these three materials.

27 July 2016

3 Things That You Shouldn't Do When Cleaning Your Luxury Watch


If you want to keep your luxury watch looking great, it's important to clean it regularly. Due to its location on your wrist, it can be easy for your watch to get dirty throughout the day with normal use, but this dirt and grime can make your once spectacular-looking watch look a whole lot less impressive. There are a few things that you shouldn't do when cleaning your luxury watch if you want to keep it in good shape, however, so avoid these things when giving your watch a good cleaning.

7 July 2016

How To Style Boho Necklaces


Boho necklaces have a cool, earthy look and typically feature nature-inspired materials, such as feathers, agates and rustic beads. Although bohemian-style necklaces have a laid-back vibe, they also work well with dresses and skirts. The eye-catching jewelry can easily take you from the office during the day to dinner or a dance club at night.  Here are some ways to style your favorite boho necklaces:  1. Beaded Necklaces  If you're spending the day at a park or the zoo and want to be comfortable yet fashionable at the same time, use a boho necklace to dress up your look.

16 February 2016