Important Tips For Beginner Coin Collectors


Collecting coins can be a richly rewarding hobby and can also be a great way to make sound monetary investments. If you are considering this hobby, taking the time to learn more about it is important to avoid making costly mistakes. Check out these tips about how research can help you become a successful coin collector.  Grading Is An Important Determining Factor About Coin Value When you find a coin and you wonder if it is worth anything, you may decide to have it appraised.

29 December 2015

Three Tips For Finding The Most Beautiful And Valuable Antique Jewelery


Many pieces of antique jewelry are not only beautiful, but also worth quite a tidy sum. Whether you're looking for antique jewelry to add to a personal collection or to sell for profit, here are a few tips to help you find the best pieces. Scan local newspapers for estate sales. When someone passes away and the items in their estate are sold off, there's often a lot of jewelry available.

17 December 2015

Common Ring Issues And How They're Fixed


Rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can symbolize love, but they're also one of the most delicate and frequently worn out pieces of all. With so many intricate details on a ring, it's no wonder that the small parts and pieces can become broken, damaged, or worn over time. The three main parts of a ring are the stone, the setting, and the band, and each can come with its own set of issues.

14 December 2015

Finding The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Traditional And Modern Alternative Jewelry Options For An Anniversary


When you want to find the perfect anniversary gift, you can start by looking at the traditional gift for the corresponding year of your anniversary. Whether it is your first year anniversary, or your fiftieth, there are traditional gifts with modern alternatives to consider to give your loved one. While you can't usually go wrong by giving a piece of jewelry, knowing what stones or metals correspond with each anniversary year will show your loved one that you are paying close attention.

9 December 2015

Browsing And Haggling In The Holiday Pawn Season


As the holidays draw nearer, there's always a crisis of finding just the right gift for someone. Sometimes the latest gift is available in stores for people looking for a new tool, toy or accessory, while others may be looking for handcrafted goodies. There are unique people who are in search of vintage pieces of jewelry with history or a hard to find heirloom. To track down what you need, you may have to turn your eye to the pawn shops across the country.

4 December 2015

Three Tends To Consider For Your Engagement Ring


An engagement ring should not be the reason a bride accepts a proposal, but it is still important to choose the right ring. In some ways, your girlfriend could look at the ring you offer her and take it as your estimate of her worth. This does not mean that you have to take out a loan or sell a kidney to buy her a one-of-a-kind ring. Instead, you need to choose a ring that reflects how special your bride is to you.

22 October 2015