A Collateral Loan Can Help You Solve Your Financial Woes


Life is full of unexpected turns. For many, these turns mean sudden financial disasters. When faced with these types of situations, having a little financial assistance can really help. This assistance can come in the form of a collateral loan.

What Is A Collateral Loan?

Collateral is basically a pledge of security. This pledge of security, or collateral, can come in the form of any asset that is considered valuable. Property, collectibles and jewelry are just some of the items frequently used. So in terms of a collateral loan, this is in essence a loan that is backed by the pledged item.

In the event the borrower defaults, they also default their rights over the item. For most collateral based loans, the value of the collateral must be equal to the total value of the loan, or at the very least, within a close percentage.


Lower Interest

Loans are all about risk assessment. The less confidence a lender has in a borrower's ability to meet the loan terms, the greater the risk. Higher risks result in higher interest rates. Securing a loan with collateral reduces the lender's risk. In the event the borrower defaults, the lender can use the collateral to recoup their funds. This reduced risk generally translates into a reduced rate for a loan.

Credit Forgiveness

If you have had credit difficulties in the past, you know firsthand that this can significantly reduce your ability to secure a loan in the future. Collateral loans afford a renewed opportunity for people that fall in this category. Given the fact that the loan is secured, many lenders are more willing to offer people with less than stellar credit an opportunity to secure the funds they need in the event of a crisis. If you have bad credit, you have a greater chance of approval than with other options.

Faster Approval

One of the factors that can really extend the time it takes to approve a loan is the investigation process. With traditional loans, lenders thoroughly research your employment history, financial standing and credit history. With a collateral loan, much of this is eliminated. Aside from the basic information, the only thing that has to be evaluated is the value of the collateral you plan to use. For you, the borrower, this generally means that you will have the money you need in your hand much faster.

If you are facing a financial disaster, make sure you aren't overlooking the many benefits that a collateral loan can afford you.


15 August 2016

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