Four Tips For Having A Piece Of Gold Plated Jewelry Engraved


If you want to give someone a gift they are sure to love, consider having a piece of jewelry customized for them. You can have a piece of gold plated jewelry engraved with something that will be of importance to the person that you plan to give it to. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having a piece of gold plated jewelry engraved.

Take the Jewelry to a Professional

You first need to take the piece of jewelry to a professional jeweler. The jeweler will need to inspect the jewelry to determine if the plating is thick enough for them to be able to engrave it or if the metal that is under the plating will show through when it is engraved. If the plating is too thin, the jeweler may be able to guide you toward other options to consider.

Choose a Design to Have Engraved

If the jeweler determines that the piece can be engraved, consider what design you want to have engraved on it. You want to be sure that the design is not too detailed or the fine details may be lost when the engraving is done. Be sure to choose a design that will be special to the person who will be receiving the gift. Phrases or basic images are often ideal for engraving.

Choose the Font You Want Used

When you choose to have words engraved on a piece of jewelry, you need to choose the font you want to use to create the words. You can choose from cursive, block, or any other font that you think will look the best on the piece of jewelry you plan to have engraved.

See What the Engraving Will Look Like

Before any engraving is done, the jeweler will show you an example of the design that you have chosen. If you have chosen to have cursive used to create phrases on the piece of jewelry, be sure that the words are easy to read. If you are choosing an image, be sure you can easily identify the image you want to have created.

Engraving can take quite a while, if the jeweler does not have the tools to do the engraving in their shop. Many jewelers send out pieces that need to be engraved to professional engravers who can take the time to be very detailed in the work that they do. For more information, contact local professionals like Gold Jungle.


9 November 2016

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