Additions That Give Your Chain Maille Jewelry That Extra Edge


If you have recently started wearing chain maille jewelry, and especially if you like to put pieces together yourself, you've likely come across multicolored jump rings that make the pieces look grander or more intricate. Adding more details to chain maille can really make a piece pop, but jump rings aren't the only materials you should look for. If you really want to start color coordinating your chain maille jewelry with your outfits, look for items containing these three materials.


Smooth glass beads add a glossy, full look to chain maille, transforming what could look like plain costume jewelry into a more elegant piece. The glass often has a secondary effect of protecting many of the jump rings from being bent. You still have to be careful how you handle the jewelry, of course, because the glass beads can break if you hit a counter or something similar too hard. But the glass really adds another dimension to the chain maille, and if you create your own pieces, you can often find glass in more colors than you can jump rings. This increases the variety of pieces you can make and buy.


Related to glass are the faceted Austrian crystal beads from the Swarovski company. Like glass beads, these beads come in many colors and sizes, but their facets make them perfect for being the spotlight or focus points in pieces, rather than having them always mixed into the denser jump ring sections. The many facets on the beads, especially those coated with an iridescent layer called aurora borealis, or AB, really catch the light as the jewelry and you move around.


If you'd rather not mess with breakable materials like glass and crystal, you can also try adding rubber rings to your jewelry, or looking for pieces with rubber rings. These rings tend to be stretchy, making them great for everyday wear or for items you intend to give to kids. You can find chain maille pieces with subdued-color rings or neon.

Chain maille jewelry can be so intricate that some pieces can even be appropriate for more formal occasions, but you need to find the right materials. You may want to talk to other sellers who have chain maille to see what other materials they've worked into their jewelry pieces. Talk to seller and to jewelry supply companies, like Bead Me a Story , if you have any other questions about available colors and materials.


27 July 2016

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