Ideal Earring Types For A Tragus Piercing


If you're interested in getting an additional piercing in one or more of your ears, a tragus piercing might be something you're thinking about. This type of piercing occurs in the part of your ear that is immediately above your lobe, and it is a popular piercing location. If you're thinking about a tragus piercing, your next priority will be to decide what type of earring you want to use. You'll need to have an earring selected when you go to the piercing appointment, and it can be fun to buy some additional earrings that you can use in the weeks ahead. Here are some ideal earring types for a tragus piercing.

Small Stud

A stud earring can be a good choice for your tragus piercing. You'll want to choose a small stud design, however — one that is significantly smaller than the studs that you might wear in your earlobes. A small stud can look suitable and sleek in this part of your ear, while a larger stud may look awkward and cumbersome. Lots of different types of small studs can be appealing for this piercing, but many people choose diamonds or faux diamonds.

Small Hoop

Another suitable option for your tragus piercing is a hoop. Like with a stud, you want to go with a smaller hoop than you might choose for your earlobes. When choosing a hoop, look for one that is just large enough to wrap around this part of your ear. You don't want it to press against your skin, as this may be uncomfortable, but a size that sits just a fraction of an inch off your skin can be perfect. Hoop earrings are available in many different styles, so you have lots of choices. A thicker hoop will be more visible, while a thinner hoop will be a subtle choice.

Chain Earring

A fun earring design to consider after you've had a tragus piercing is a piece of jewelry that has two earrings that are connected with a tiny chain. You can wear one earring in your tragus piercing and one in your earlobe or even in a different part of your ear, and the two earrings will connect to one another with the chain. You can select these earrings with different chain lengths. You'll generally want the chain to be slightly loose. If it's too taut, it may pull on your ear. If it's too loose, it could catch on your hair or your glasses.

Consider these and other jewelry options when you are getting a new piercing.


15 January 2020

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