Start Shopping Around For An Engagement Ring, And Implement A Savings Plan


Giving your girlfriend an engagement ring will demonstrate that you are serious about settling down. Ring prices vary, depending upon the quality of the jewelry and the type of setting that a ring possesses. If jewelry buying is new to you, then you need to map out a plan that involves the ring selection process and acquiring the funds needed to purchase it.

Being Discreet Isn't Necessary

Old fashioned engagements often involved a young man asking his partner for their hand in marriage, without the girlfriend being told beforehand about the proposal. Some people still practice this type of engagement today, but it can be difficult to pull off if you do not already have a ring or if you are uncertain about what type of jewelry your girlfriend prefers. It won't hurt to vocalize your thoughts, and this will help you acquire the pertinent information that you need, such as the proper ring size and ring type that your girlfriend desires.

Don't be specific about when you would like to get married, especially if you would like to endure a long engagement or if you are considering purchasing a ring several months from now. Merely request your girlfriend's preferences and ring size.

Tell her the truth: that you need to know this information in the likelihood that you decide that you are ready to settle down and ask her to marry you. The two of you can make plans to visit a jewelry store to look at engagement rings and even wedding bands. This is the perfect time for you both to see rings up close and try them on.

Saving Should Be A Priority

Once your girlfriend picks out a ring that she likes, it is time to get to work on acquiring the money that is needed to purchase it. Don't take out loans or use a credit card for the purchase, since this will only put a financial burden on you. An engagement should be a happy time during which you both can celebrate an impending union without any unnecessary stress.

Save money from your paycheck each week. Decide upon a monetary amount that you can temporarily live without, and make plans to deposit this amount directly into your savings account. If you have to work a few extra shifts here and there, it will help you acquire the funds quicker. Try to think about the day that you ask your girlfriend to marry you and how happy she will be to assist you with staying motivated to save money.


17 February 2020

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