4 Tips to Prevent Body Chains from Snagging on Your Clothing


If you have been wearing body chains this summer, then you may have experienced a few unfortunate snags. Occasionally, body chains can catch on your clothing or other people's clothing and create an embarrassing snag. Below are some tips to prevent such snags and keep your jewelry flowing freely. 

Choose High-Quality Chains 

Lower-quality chains may be made from open loops or from closed loops that have rough edges. This makes the jewelry much more likely to catch on clothing it comes into contact with. Alternatively, high-quality body jewelry, similar to a high-quality necklaces or bracelets, will have closed loops in the chain, making it less likely to catch on items. When assessing jewelry, run your fingers along the chain to make sure it feels smooth. If purchasing online, zoom in on product pictures to make sure the individual loops are closed. 

Make Sure the Chains Fit Snug to Your Body 

Although some body chains are meant to fit loosely, the majority of them are meant to fit snug to your body. Make sure you follow the sizing charts and select the jewelry that is appropriate for your size. Then, adjust the chains so that they lay flat against your body. If you are wearing the chains over clothing, select tight clothing. However, if you are wearing them under clothes, select looser clothing to prevent friction. 

Wear Clothing with a Tight Weave 

Clothing with a tight weave will be less likely to snag on your jewelry. Avoid open-weave fabrics such as fishnets. If possible, opt for clothing without fibers that can get caught, such as leather or pleather. Also, if you are wearing the chains beneath clothing, be aware of loose threads on the inside of the clothing that could get caught in the chains. 

Be Careful of How You Move 

Feeling the way body chains roll over your skin while you dance or walk can be exhilarating. However, it is important to be aware that extra movement can cause tangles and snags. It is a good idea to wear your body chains at home and practice moving around before you take them out to a party or event. This will make you more comfortable in them and help prevent snagging. 

Body chains can spice up any outfit and can be fun to wear. However, it is important to take some time to make sure you prevent snags before you leave your home. Start looking at the selections of companies such as Be Goldish to find body jewelry that works for you. 


15 September 2016

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