Three Diamond Options For A Man's Wedding Ring


If you're a man who is shopping for a wedding ring, one of the early decisions that you'll need to make is whether you want one or more diamonds on this piece of jewelry. Different men have different mindsets about diamonds on their rings. For example, some men favor a few diamonds, while others like to wear rings that don't contain any gemstones. If you like the idea of having some bling on your ring, you have a number of options to consider. Here are three diamond options for a man's wedding ring.

Line Of Diamonds On The Surface

You'll find some men's wedding rings that have a thin line of diamonds embedded in the surface of the ring. These diamonds will often stretch around the entire ring, which can provide a shiny look. In some designs, the line of diamonds will run straight along the center of the band; in other rings, the gemstones may be positioned closer to the edge of the ring. The volume of diamonds in either of these designs will help to catch the light, both indoors and outdoors, to give your ring some sparkle.

Diamonds Along The Edge

If you like the idea of a thin line of diamonds but you're concerned that this look might simply be too sparkly for you, you may favor a ring that has diamonds along one of the edges. While this ring can still sparkle in the right light, it doesn't have the same degree of sparkle because the diamonds aren't as exposed. For example, if you have your hand sitting flat on the table and you're looking down at the ring, you won't see the diamonds at all. They'll only be visible when you angle your hand so that you can see the edge of the ring.

Hidden Diamond

If you're looking for a unique design, one idea to consider is a men's wedding ring that has a hidden diamond. This is a diamond that is embedded into the inside of the ring so that it faces your finger rather than being exposed for others to see. If you're going to have some engraving done on the inside of the ring, it can be a special touch to have the engraving appear around the diamond as a way of making the engraving appear even more special when you look at it.

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4 August 2021

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