Tips For Keeping All Your Favorite Jewelry Clean


When you own fine jewelry, you have a certain obligation to take care of it to the best of your ability. This means that you should keep your jewelry pieces clean so that they look amazing. A lot goes into keeping your favorite jewelry clean, and the tips below will be helpful to you. Follow these steps and reach out to companies that can sell you the supplies and services that you need. 

Consider the piece and how often you need to clean it

You need to first take an account of what kind of jewelry you have and how often you want to clean it. For instance, you might want to get your wedding rings cleaned more often than some pair of earrings that you have. Think about the jewelry piece and what it means to you, and also consider what it is made with. White gold and sparkly pieces will need to be cleaned more frequently. You might also need to invest in different kinds of cleaning solutions based on the precious metal that you are dealing with. 

Invest in the right products and methods for cleaning your jewelry

You should always read the label when you purchase a jewelry cleaning solution. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid buying any cleaning solution that features harsh chemicals that might strip away your jewelry and create significant damages. When at all possible, look into natural jewelry cleaners that are gentle and helpful. 

Some of these natural cleaning solutions are made with substances such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar, tea tree oil, and others. Your rings and other jewelry pieces will look amazing and will also be protected from corrosion, dirt, and other types of damage that can wear away at it. 

Take the jewelry pieces to a professional jewelry cleaning company

You can also touch base with a jeweler that can handle the cleaning service for you. Getting a professional jewelry cleaning can cost you between $25 and $50 or so. Certain shops will handle the cleaning for free -- especially if it is where you originally bought the jewelry piece. 

Be sure that you ask them what methods they use to clean your jewelry piece and find out what kind of turnaround time you can get on this work. 

Use these steps so that you can start taking better care of all your favorite jewelry pieces. 

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13 May 2020

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