How To Style Boho Necklaces


Boho necklaces have a cool, earthy look and typically feature nature-inspired materials, such as feathers, agates and rustic beads. Although bohemian-style necklaces have a laid-back vibe, they also work well with dresses and skirts. The eye-catching jewelry can easily take you from the office during the day to dinner or a dance club at night. 

Here are some ways to style your favorite boho necklaces: 

1. Beaded Necklaces 

If you're spending the day at a park or the zoo and want to be comfortable yet fashionable at the same time, use a boho necklace to dress up your look. Start with a denim skirt or jean shorts, and top it with a fitted t-shirt or a tank top.

Complete the look with simple hoop earrings and a long beaded necklace. Depending on your preference, pick a necklace with either chunky stone or small glass seed beads. Add color to a plain white or black shirt with a long strand of rainbow-colored beads. If you prefer a more subdued look, go for beads in earth tones such as olive green, taupe and brick red.

2. Natural Stone Necklaces 

You can accessorize both breezy, flowing tunic-style dresses and long maxi dresses with boho necklaces. Since you're going for a classier style, pick a necklace featuring a gold- or silver-tone chain in either a medium or long length.

Enhance the chain with one, large natural stone, such as a druzy, which is made of multiple tiny crystals that give off a glittering effect, or an agate. A single pendant not only looks elegant, it will become the focal point of your outfit as well. 

You can find these stones in multiple colors, including black, clear crystal, pink, purple, green and blue. Again, choose a colorful stone if your dress is a neutral color. You can also go for a monochromatic style by wearing a black stone with a white dress or vice-versa. Since these are natural stones and every one is slightly different, their imperfections are part of their boho-inspired charm. 

3. Feather Necklaces

If you're going for an ultra-casual, hippie-inspired look for a music festival or concert, finish your outfit with a feather necklace. Options include long chains with either silver or gold feather-designed pendants, handmade beaded feathers, or real or faux peacock feathers. There are also dream catcher pendants featuring small, dangling feathers. 

Complete the look with matching feather earrings or simple hoops or studs. 


16 February 2016

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