The Best Ways To Wear Gold Jewelry


Gold is a timeless piece that is right for most occasions. If you haven't worn gold before, you should begin by slowly incorporating it into your wardrobe. That way, you won't regret that you didn't choose a different form of fine jewelry to add to your wardrobe.

Gold That Blends In Vs. Standing Out

The first step is to determine if you would like to wear gold very subtlety or if you would like the piece to stand out. Some pieces are very light and can almost disappear into your hair and skin. This can give you a more modest look. But you may prefer a louder piece that is sculptural or that is combined with other elements, such as beads.

Gold And Your Outfit

If you wear one piece of gold jewelry, the rest of your jewelry should be less eye-catching so that the gold piece stands out more. To make a statement, make sure that the single piece is large and stands out. If you also dress down with your clothing, while still looking fashionable, less attention will be taken away from your gold jewelry. Even though gold jewelry is dressy, it looks great with denim jeans. If the jeans are flared, one stylish option is to combine yellow and white gold necklaces. Black clothing is usually a good combination with gold jewelry. Gold also matches well with autumn colors since it looks warm.

Gold And Leather

Leather jewelry combines well with gold because of the texture of the leather. Also, combining gold with leather can create a tribal look. Christian and Jewish jewelry includes pieces of white gold connected by strips of leather.

Wearing Gold In A Professional Setting

If you'd like to wear gold in a professional setting, gold watches are a good choice because the presence of a watch symbolizes your professionalism and focus on punctuality. Gold watches pair well with a silk, white blouse. If you'd like to continue to wear a gold watch in a casual setting, it can pair well with a polo shirt and jeans.

Wearing Gold In An Outdoor Setting

One of the advantages of gold is that a well-made piece can be very durable. Therefore, if you are an active person who frequently engages in activities such as going to the beach, a gold piece of jewelry can match your swimsuit well, though you should take it off if you plan on going for a swim.

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14 January 2016

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