Four Types Of Beads To Have In Stock This Spring For Jewelry Making


The anticipated trends for jewelry are all about layering: relaxed silhouettes with layered necklaces and layered bracelets. Even stacking rings are being used to layer rings on fingers. That means that you'll want to make sure that your store has plenty of available beads to meet the demand. If you're looking for some ideas on what to buy to entice your customers this spring, here are some good suggestions.


Lepidolite beads are highly popular among those who make homemade jewelry. Lepidolite has a variety of hues, including pink, blue, and a very prized purple called "lavenderine." It is actually a type of mica. The mica gives even smoothly polished beads bright little flecks and sudden bursts of light that sparkle with movement. Metaphysically, lepidolite is used to help with immunological disorders and is supposed to calm down stress, reduce anxiety, and balance out emotional issues. Lepidolite is often priced according to its quality, with gray-toned beads being less expensive than those with a considerable amount of fire.


Moonstone beads offer jewelry makers another multi-hued stone that they can use to help create a delicately layered look. According to legend, moonstones are made of solidified moonbeams -- an idea no doubt that arose from the way that light scatters when it strikes the surface of the stone in an effect known as adularescence. Adularescence is actually caused by the presence of layers of feldspar in the stone, giving it a milky hue. You can get beads that are mostly white, others that are predominantly blue, and some that have a rainbow effect, although the price tends to rise with the amount of color that's in the stones. Because of its association with the moon, this stone is supposed to help with pregnancy and childbirth. 


Opalite is actually a manmade glass that is used for jewelry making. It was designed primarily to take the place of natural opals in modern jewelry -- since real opals are far too fragile to be made into beads. Opalite has a striking milky blue glow that is absolutely stunning when it is against a dark background. It is thought to help those who are trying to learn meditate and enhance dreams. One of the benefits of opalite is that it is very inexpensive -- which makes it more affordable than some other stones. Moonstones with a similar amount of luminosity, for example, would be far more costly than a strand of opalite. 


Agates are actually a form of variegated chalcedony, a type of quartz. They are frequently used in jewelry of all sorts and come in an incredible array of colors from pale white to bright red. It's difficult to find any two pieces that look exactly alike, which means that the stones naturally lend themselves to a layered look. If you want to accent your stock with focal pieces made of agate, those are readily available too. Agates are supposed to protect against bad dreams even back in ancient times. Agates can be quite reasonably priced, depending on their color. Earth tones are the most commonly found agates, which makes those the most affordable for you and your customers.

It's important to keep your stock fluid and ready to roll with the trends. If you haven't started pulling together your inventory for the spring season, start thinking in terms of layering as you pick out the beads you carry.


6 January 2016

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