Three Tips For Finding The Most Beautiful And Valuable Antique Jewelery


Many pieces of antique jewelry are not only beautiful, but also worth quite a tidy sum. Whether you're looking for antique jewelry to add to a personal collection or to sell for profit, here are a few tips to help you find the best pieces.

Scan local newspapers for estate sales.

When someone passes away and the items in their estate are sold off, there's often a lot of jewelry available. Keep your eyes on the local newspapers for estate sale listings, and make note of any that are occurring due to the passing of a female, since women tend to leave behind more jewelry. When you find a listing that seems promising, make note of the time the sale starts, and then arrive an hour or two early. If the estate salesperson is already on site, they might let you in early if you ask politely. If not, at least you'll be one of the first ones in the house when the sale officially starts. Then, you'll have first pick of the estate jewelry.

Make friends with the pawn shop owner.

Many pawn shops end up with antique jewelry, but since these items are in such high demand, they may fly off the shelves before you have time to check in. This is why it's so important to make friends with your local pawn shop owner. Introduce yourself, and let him or her know that you're always on the lookout for antique jewelry and are willing to pay in cash if the shop owner would just hold it for you when it comes in. If you're looking for specific types of jewelry, let the owner know so they don't waste their time holding pieces you end up not wanting.

Post classified ads online, and let sellers come to you.

Many people who are selling more expensive antique jewelry may not want to post a classified ad online, since they don't want to have to waste time fielding emails and messages from non-serious buyers. However, if you post a classified ad alerting potential sellers that you're looking for antique jewelry, then you make things easier on sellers -- they can come to you. Be specific in your ad, so that only buyers who have the type of jewelry you're looking for respond. Of course, keep safety in mind when meeting potential sellers about pieces they are selling. Tell someone where you are going, and if possible, meet sellers in public places.

To find the best antique jewelry, you need to be a bit creative in your thinking. With the strategies above, you'll at least be off to a good start.


17 December 2015

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