Finding The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Traditional And Modern Alternative Jewelry Options For An Anniversary


When you want to find the perfect anniversary gift, you can start by looking at the traditional gift for the corresponding year of your anniversary. Whether it is your first year anniversary, or your fiftieth, there are traditional gifts with modern alternatives to consider to give your loved one. While you can't usually go wrong by giving a piece of jewelry, knowing what stones or metals correspond with each anniversary year will show your loved one that you are paying close attention.

The First Year

When you're celebrating your first year anniversary, this is one you want to get right. You are setting the precedence for future anniversaries, and it's important to find the perfect gift. While the first year gift is traditionally made of paper, a more modern gift for the first year anniversary is gold jewelry. Whether you choose a pair of beautiful gold earrings, or a gold bracelet, a gift of gold for the first year anniversary is certain to be appreciated.

Your Fifth Year Anniversary

Both the traditional and modern gift for your fifth anniversary is intended to be something made of wood, but that doesn't mean you can't give a gift of jewelry instead. The gemstone for the fifth year anniversary is the sapphire, and you can find many pieces of jewelry made with this beautiful blue stone. When you want to celebrate your fifth anniversary and you want to give jewelry, a sapphire ring is an excellent choice.

When You've Reached the Ten Year Anniversary Milestone

While the traditional metal for the ten year anniversary is tin, you aren't going to want to give your loved one a piece of jewelry made out of ten after being married for ten years. This is the first year that diamonds are generally given, and here's your chance to give your love an anniversary ring with a beautiful diamond or two in it. You can also choose a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond necklace if you prefer, but a ten year anniversary ring with diamonds is always a perfect gift.

Beyond Your Ten Year Anniversary

Jewelry is always a great idea for your wedding anniversary, as most women love to grow their jewelry collection. The fifteen year anniversary stone is rubies, and the twentieth is emeralds. Both stones can be used to create wonderful pieces of jewelry your loved one will appreciate forever. Plus, the jewelry collected over the years will be wonderful heirlooms to pass down through the generations.

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