Browsing And Haggling In The Holiday Pawn Season


As the holidays draw nearer, there's always a crisis of finding just the right gift for someone. Sometimes the latest gift is available in stores for people looking for a new tool, toy or accessory, while others may be looking for handcrafted goodies. There are unique people who are in search of vintage pieces of jewelry with history or a hard to find heirloom. To track down what you need, you may have to turn your eye to the pawn shops across the country. Take a look at a few pawn shop tracking and browsing techniques that could lead you to a truly unique gift. 

Browsing Is An Art

Pawn shops have a lot of fine pieces of jewelry, impressive electronics and other personal accessories to choose from. Ornamental knives or real knives, vintage video tapes before before the fully-digital media age, clothing that can't be found in stores anymore and a treasure trove of other exciting belongings could be your newest gift.

Many pawn shops have a lot of objects constantly coming in and out, and even though many clerks, owners and traders have a good idea of their inventory, it's better to avoid putting them on the spot. If you don't know what you want already, don't ask for an immediate, random suggestion. Instead, go straight to the counter, introduce yourself and ask to browse.

By letting the staff know that you're looking for an amazing gift, you both free yourself to browse without being disturbed while allowing the pawn shop employee to passively think about something you may like without being put into a sink-or-swim sales pitch. They can continue working and think more clearly of a really great idea. 

Maintain A Haggler's Mindset

As you walk, get a full view of the pawn shop's inventory. Don't simply focus on one second or choose a gift immediately; you may see something else after rushing to pick what may be a good gift, but may be just the beginning of a really good haul. Make a mental note of it, write it down or take a picture of it with your smartphone or mobile device.

While a seemingly basic tactic, it allows you to maintain a bit of reserved attitude when attempting to haggle if the pawn shop is willing to work with you on the price. An immediate purchase after seeing a really good object may seem like a desperate desire, which can give the staff a bit of an edge on your purchase.

Not all pawn shops haggle, while some pawn shops love the exchange. Learn to read the attitude and friendliness of the staff by asking how busy it is in the area, if they have anything that really stands out to them in the inventory, and most importantly if they'd be willing to haggle.

A few phrases can help if you're not comfortable with breaking the ice:

  • "Willing to negotiate on that price?"
  • "Open to haggling?"
  • "It's a bit steep. Could I throw something in with it?"
  • "It looks a bit damaged/old/exposed. Could I get discount for that?"

If the pawn shop aggressively denies shopping, stop as soon as possible. If you're wondering whether the object is available elsewhere, put it back and continue browsing while looking up the object elsewhere, but don't push the subject. With mutual respect and a great deal in mind, get in contact with a pawn shop representative to find deals across the country.


4 December 2015

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